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The E-Business Challenges

Managers in today's entreprises faces numerous challenges in deploying e-business infrastructures. E-Business systems are increasingly competitive and dynamic, driven by new Internet-based business opportunities to address expanded markets, redefine supply chains, enhance customer relationships, and renew legacy systems. Success in the e-future will be measured by how well information is shared both within organizations and between collborating parties. Using information effectively requires that we understand it within context. XML can help provide that context and assist in making it easier to do business with your business partners.
Getting XML Going in the Real World
On the front line of XML, Roberto Drassinower, CEO and president of SoftQuad Software, whose chief scientist, Bruce Sharpe, helped write the XML spec, has been "pleasantly and positively surprised by the broad-reaching vision of what XML means to the companies approaching us, and what they want to do [with it]." By way of a response, SoftQuad recently announced its MarketAgility, which will provide customers with an XML-based end-to-end technology and services solution to craft B2B commerce initiatives. On the individual authoring front, SoftQuad's XML tool, XMetal 2.0, lets companies push XML document creation across the enterprise.
XML Comes Of Age
The Extensible Markup Language has come of age. First considered a better way to create Web pages, XML is now widely viewed as the leading data exchange technology for e-commerce. Why? Beyond simply structuring data, XML "tags" send on the definition of how data is organized and how a user can read the information right inside the file. This ability to more efficiently structure and tag data makes it easier for developers to integrate data from business partners with back-end systems--a critical point for Internet marketplaces forging relationships with numerous trading partners, as well as companies building corporate extranets.
XML: Shaping Enterprise
"XML" is often used to describe a cluster of inter-related technologies at different levels of maturity. The most important organization responsible for developing and standardizing the XML specifications is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and these specifications are all available at www.w3.org.
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